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🎁 Do you struggle when it comes to giving gifts to your friends & family?

💥 Hi! I’m a young freelancer and I can relate to this dilemma that I’m sure a lot of you face too! Between personal, education and professional commitments, life can definitely get hectic. 

For people like us who have got many things on our plate we tend to:

  • ❓ Forget important dates of our friends and family
  • 🤷 Lose track of gifts we want to get
  • 🤔 Not even remember what our loved ones like in the first place

🙅‍♂️ No more head scratching moments trying to figure out when their birthdays and anniversaries are and what gifts to buy.

👨‍💻 My template aims to help you gather inspiration, research ideas and maintain a record of all your gifts - so you can track everything in one place and make sure nothing ever gets lost.

What's included and how does this work?


  • 👥 Keep track of all your friends & family
  • 🥳 Remember Birthday, Anniversaries, Valentines, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas and MUCH MORE!
  • 🤯 Jot down gift inspiration to help you make better decisions
  • 💸 Get insight on how much you’ve spent per person, per occasion and per year
  • 📦 Easily manage the status of your packages
  • ⚙️ Callout instructions so you can maximize the value from the template
  • 💾 Dedicated database page to keep everything clean!



✔️ Add a New Contact

  • Write down any important dates
  • Add links to any online wish lists they might already have
  • Keep a note of any relevant likes and dislikes

✔️ Add Gift Ideas

  • Manually add something that you think could make a great gift
  • Use the Save to Notion browser extension to make it faster and hassle-free
  • Sort your ideas by type, occasion and price

✔️ Approach every occasion stress-free

  • Link Contacts and Gifts together 
  • Add gifts to the shortlist
  • When it’s purchasing time, filter by recipient and occasion and VOILA!


Does this work with a free Notion account?

  • Definitely! Just hit duplicate and you can start using it immediately!

Are free updates included?

  • Yes - all updates are free and included! You’ll be notified via email as soon as new versions are published. 

How to download the template?

  • Once you've completed your purchase, you'll be redirected to the template page as well as receive an email with a link to view. To duplicate the template in your workspace, simply click "Duplicate" in the top right corner.

How will I know how to use the template?

  • The template includes callout instructions at relevant locations to explain how everything works so you can get the most value from the template.

Can I share this with other people?

  • No. This is for individual use only. 

Terms & Conditions:

  • You may not resell or share this template as is. 
  • This product is not returnable or refundable upon purchase.
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You'll get a Notion template that you can duplicate and add to your own workspace!

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Global Gift Tracker

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